Tooth Pain – Trauma Chapter 4 ( Part A)

Non Vital Tooth

Dental decay and gum disease have detrimental effects on our teeth. Likewise, minor traumas and accidents can damage the jaws and teeth as well. Upper and Lower , front teeth are the most common teeth damaged by these kind of events; More Specifically upper jaw central incisor teeth are the worst affected teeth.

Tooth Trauma Events

  1. Fall from bicycle during childhood
  2. Road traffic accidents
  3. Punching during fights or plays
  4. Family violence

Who are at risk

  • People with proclained front teeth
  • Who play contact sports likes (kabadi, boxing, football, taekwondo)
  • Kids between age group(7-12)yrs

What do you feel Immediately after Trauma

  1. Sensitivity to hot and cold drinks
  2. Bleeding from gums and teeth
  3. Pain
  4. Redness
  5. Laceration in lips or Tongue

What can happens in long term

  • Change of tooth colour (Dark yellow / Amber / grey)
  • Swelling or pus drainage
  • Severe pain episode

How broken tooth become non -vital tooth ( dead tooth ) and end up in dental abscess ?

The process becoming a non vital teeth could take many years . For instance if a child had bicycle accident at the age of 8 , the tooth change its colour and stay dormant for many years. Suddenly the tooth could start to give trouble , This may happen even after the child turn 25 years of age or later .


  1. Root canal
  2. Composite Veneer
  3. Emax/Zirconia Veneers
  4. Crown

How to Avoid

  • Wearing sports mouth guard is absolutely necessary for kids and adults who play contact sports.
  • Correction the mis-aligned teeth will reduce the risk on trauma
  • Obey traffic rules / Cautious driving
  • If any impact or occurs seek advice from your dentist

If you have any questions regarding broken teeth , discoloured teeth and pus formation near tooth call us or visit our dental clinic in Mogappair we would assess and advise what has to be done .

Keep Smiling & Stay Happy

Dr Gnanaraj Jayabal
Dental & Implant Surgeon
Denticare Chennai

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