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What is dental implant?

Dental implant is tooth root like structures made in medical grade titanium. The exclusive property of specially coated ( eg .HA ,SLA ) titanium is , they are capable of get fused with jaw bone when placed inside the jaw. They are widely used in medical field , For example Joint replacements , hip replacements , orbital floor reconstructions and many others.

History of dental implants

Dental implants are being used in dentistry since 1960s . Initially dental implants were introduced to hold full mouth denture and non removable full teeth set . In the past 2 decades use of dental implants in Chennai and other metropolitan cities around the world have increased many folds due to predictable treatment outcome , affordability and high success rate ( above 95%).

Parts of Dental implants

parts of dental implants

Why Dental implants ?

Dental implants can be a solution for various missing tooth situations. Implant supported artificial teeth can look and function like natural teeth .Implant supported artificial teeth can exert biting load that is close to natural teeth.Let’s look in to different situations and how dental implant would help there.

Situation 1 ( one or two teeth missing )

Tooth can be lost due to dental decay, gum disease or trauma. Traditionally for teeth replacement your dentist have to grind and shape two neighbouring healthy teeth so that it will anchor new teeth, This is called dental bridge. When teeth are replaced with dental implants no need to disturb the adjacent healthy teeth at all.

Situation 2 ( Multiple teeth missing )

When you have more than two teeth missing, teeth replacement with dental bridge can put more load on the supporting teeth. If one of the supporting tooth failed due to gum disease or dental decay the whole bridge have to be redesigned and remade. This will cost time and money. In situations like this, 2 or 3 implants can support more than six teeth without the support of the healthy teeth

If you have no back teeth, dental bridge can not be done at all, Implant bridge will be the only fixed teeth option

Situation 3 ( no teeth - Fully edentulous )

Ageing , genetic factors ,advanced gum disease and un controlled diabetes can cause people to loose all their teeth . Loosing all teeth is kind of a disability because it prevents people from doing things that they do previously.

Problems with Fully edentulous Mouth

  • Lack of nutritious food
  • Indigestion due to poor chewing
  • Social withdrawal
  • Altered Face profile
  • Speech problems

For many years , removable full denture ( false teeth set ) is the choice available for people with no teeth.

Disadvantages of Removable full Denture

  • Less bite force
  • Wobbly teeth set
  • Can come out while talking or sneezing
  • Altered taste of food
  • Should be removed daily for cleaning

Dental implant cost in Chennai

Cost of dental implants are based on many factors . Reputation, scientific testing ,country of origin of the implant company are the key factors to understand the pricing of dental implants. There are hundreds of dental implant manufacturing companies operating in America , Europe and South Korean and Israel . Among these Nobel Biocare and Straumann are the two dental implant companies have more than 50 years of trust.

At denticare ,we do best dental implant in Chennai . I have listed some of the common dental implants that we do here in Chennai and their cost globally . I have chosen Melbourne,Australia for global comparison.

IMPLANT BRANDS DENTAL IMPLANT CHENNAI COST Estimated cost of same procedure Australia
Nobel Biocare Implants 42000 - 55000 INR 4500 - 5500 AUD
Straumann 43000 - 52000 INR 4500 - 6000 AUD
Alpha biotech/MIS / Cortex 20000 - 25000 INR 3500 - 4000 AUD
Zimmer / Biohorizon 40000 INR 4000 - 6000 AUD
Dentium / Osstem 32000 INR 3500 - 4500 AUD
Neodent 28000 INR 3500 - 4000 AUD
All on 4 Per Jaw Stage 1 250000 INR 20000 - 250000 AUD
All on 4 Per Jaw Stage 2 1,25000 - 2,00000 INR 1,50000 - 20000 AUD
Implant supposed denture Per Jaw 100000 INR 12000 - 15000 AUD
Zygoma Implants ( 2 pair) 250000 INR 25000 AUD

All the above implants listed above are certified by Various health care product regulators Like FDA( USA ) , TGA ( Australia ) and European agencies

Other Factors that influence the Cost of Implant

Pre-surgical procedures

Some time broken or unstable teeth may needs to be removed .Bone grafting or sinus augmentation procedures may needs to be done to prepare the site for implant placement. If required these additional procedures would add up to the total cost as well

Doctor Experience

There are many specialities in dentistry . Implant dentistry is one of them which is constantly evolving , so learning new techniques and sharpening surgical skill is a continuous education process .Treating doctor who have special education in implant dentistry can diagnose and perform the procedure with more confidence and deliver successful results .

Cement retained / Screw retained

Cement retained crowns fastened with supporting implant with special glue. In contrast screw retained crown connected with a screw and the access hole closed later . Advantage of screw retained crowns are easy maintenance . But , the are slightly expensive due to additional lap work and materials.

CBCT 3D Scan and Guided Implant surgery

Denticare is leading the way in guided placement of dental implants in Chennai. We have adopted Surgical Guide as our standard protocol for implant placement since 2013 .

What is CBCT ?

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT ) is a special form of CT exclusively designed for Dentistry. This form of CT can reveal so much tissue detail with minimal X-ray radiation. CBCT data can produce 3D image of jaws which is a exceptional tool for surgical guide design and implant treatment planning

Guided Implant surgery

Development of 3D guided surgery eliminate the operator error while placing implants. CBCT data and optical scan of patient’s jaw can be merged together on a software to make a realtime 3D model . Then positioning of the implants and teeth will be done ,using the 3D model.Through the 3D printed surgical guide we could place implant with exceptional precision


Printed surgical template for the case shown above


No Sinus lift , No grafting Approach

Our CBCT guided surgical guide design and implant placement will greatly minimise the need for sinus lift and other bone graft procedures . With the help of the CBCT we can plan different replacement options and able to placed implants precisely in challenging areas with great success rate.

Zygoma implants

After the tooth loss jaw bone tend to shrink over time . The more time you leave the jaw without functioning the more bone you will loose . In extreme situations , the entire jaw bone can be lost. In those situations special long implants that engages with cheek bone are available , we call them zygoma implants.

What is Sinus lifting or sinus floor Augmentation ?

Special characteristic feature of upper back jaw is , after tooth loss the anatomical hollow space above them grow bigger and make it difficult to place implants , if this Change is mild to moderate level we could manage by short implants or angled implants . If the available bone level is not sufficient , the hollow space can be filled with bone graft and implants will be placed afterwards

All on 4 dental implants

We are among few clinics , who could execute the complete principles of All on 4 dental implant in Chennai. All on 4 concept developed by Nobel Biocare a pioneer dental implant company.

Benefits of All on 4

  • Bone grafting procedures can be avoided
  • 4 implants sufficient to hold full teeth set hence cost effective
  • Less traumatic and fast healing
  • Teeth can be fixed immediately after surgery
  • Digitally planned and executed with precision

Steps for All on 4 Concept

Pre Surgery procedure

There are few steps to be completed before the all on 4 implant placement so that we can give you fixed teeth on the day of implant surgery itself. Cone beam CT and 3D optical scan of your jaw ridge merged together to design provisional fixed teeth and surgical guide for implant placement on special software.

On the day of the procedure

Provisional teeth set made available prior to surgical procedure. Implants will be placed precisely in the pre planned site using the 3D printed surgical guide/ template. After the implant placement provisional teeth set will be tried and necessary changes made. In this way right after the placement on the same day you can walk out with fixed teeth

What happens after the procedure

Soon after the fixed provisional teeth you would notice improved facial profile, speech and ability to chew soft food. Provisional teeth and implants are connected in such way it will transmit minimal force to the implant. After 3-4 months fully functional permanent teeth set will be constructed.

Will dental implant procedure painful ?

During the procedure you will be given Local anaesthesia so you don’t feel any pain at all. Actual procedure is much like tooth removal. Post surgical discomfort is common for 3-4 days which can be easily managed with pain killer medicines. Dental implants are much like artificial hip/ joint replacements which means after the primary healing time ( 7-10days) you would not even notice there is s something there.

How to take care of dental implant teeth ?

After successful implant placement and following teeth replacement, 6-12 monthly dentist visit is absolutely recommended to make sure all functioning well. Teeth and gums area needs to be brushed twice like natural teeth. There is device called water floss or air floss, which is a must have tool to keep the teeth and supporting implants nice and healthy.

Can dental implant fail ?

Yes. Like any other medical procedures dental implants can fail as well. But in the past 2 decades implant success rate become over 95 when placed correctly, Denticare is one of the best clinic for dental implants in Chennai. we will do thorough assessment of the overall medical status, dental health, no of missing teeth, age and expected treatment outcome and formulate a meticulous treatment plan. Experience in guided implant surgery make us deliver implant treatment with success rate over 98 %.


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