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Teeth whitening / Bleaching is the effective way of lightening the colour (shade) of the teeth without eroding the tooth surface. Whitening is different from routine dental cleaning ( Scaling) which will only remove the stains or tartar sticking on the tooth surface . Whitening can be done to enhance the look of the teeth for special occasions or anyone who thinks they have got yellow shaded teeth . Having white teeth can boost your confidence level in business and social setting .

Why do teeth look yellow?

Teeth can get stains from foods that we take regularly. Some stains may be just sticking on the surface of the tooth, which Can be removed by normal professional cleaning. But the stains that absorbed inside tooth can only be removed by tooth bleaching or whitening .Teeth can get stains from wide array of things, which includes coffee, tea, smoking, tobacco, red wine, fruits and vegetables. Yellow teeth can also be caused by high fluoride content in the drinking water and some genetic dental diseases .We use well proven, highly successful top few teeth whitening brands in the world.

Tooth Bleaching or Whitening

Home Bleaching

Home Bleaching

After initial consultation, We will take a measurement to make a custom made tray which will be ready in 2-3 days. On the second visit we give you the tray, and bleaching gel to you and instructions how to use it. Home bleaching method, takes 1-2 weeks to achieve desired results and economical than office bleaching.

Office Bleaching

Office Bleaching

Office Bleaching (White teeth on the same day) is performed in the clinic. After shielding your gums and mouth, We apply high concentration gel which get activated by LASER light in cycles. one cycle will take 15-20 minutes to complete.Based on the original shade of your teeth 3-5 cycle will be done to get desired outcome .


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