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In the old days, Dentist used to remove teeth which cannot be filled. Since 1950's Dentist have been doing root canal treatment in order to keep teeth than removing it. In the last 30 years root canal treatment has become commonly performed dental procedure to keep the natural dentition and avoid the need for artificial tooth replacement. At Denticare we use modern methods to attain Sufficient numbness and complete root canal treatment without pain.

What is root canal Treatment (RCT) ?

Tooth has three layers, outer one is ENAMEL, Second layer is called DENTIN, unlike the outer layer, Dentin has sensory channels. Third part is core(pulp) of the tooth which contains blood supply and nerves of the tooth. When the decay reaches the Inner layer, tooth will get infected. At this stage tooth can only be saved by RCT, regular filling can not eliminate the root Infection. After RCT, it is mandatory to cover the tooth with crown/Cap to prevent it from cracking under bite pressure.

Root Canal Treatment


At Denticare we follow highly successful pain free techniques for root canal treatments. The Equipments and instruments that we use are on par with world standards and give you maximum possible comfort during treatment.

  • You can keep your own tooth rather than removing it
  • Can avoid expensive tooth replacement options.
  • Get you out of the pain
  • Your natural facial aesthetics will be preserved

How it is performed

Based on the severity of the infection, it can be done in 1-3 visits. The Dentist will numb your tooth , and then

  • Get Access to the root canal system
  • Use special instruments and solution to clean and disinfect the canals.
  • Finally the canals will be filled by special cone shaped material.

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