Chapter 16 – Missing Teeth Replacement

Are you missing any teeth? Do you have gap in your teeth?  What can be done to treat the missing teeth? 

How does missing teeth occur? 

  • Due to removal of decayed teeth 
  • Due to gum problems, the teeth may become mobile and could fall out on its own
  • Abscessed tooth may need removal
  • Missing teeth from birth 
  • Due to any accident or trauma, there can be loss of teeth 
  • Loss of teeth due to medical conditions

Why replacement is necessary? 

There are several problems that can arise if you fail to replace missing teeth. 

  • Teeth will move to fill the gap and tipping of the adjacent teeth may occur, causing your bite to change 
  • Supra eruption, that is the teeth opposite to the missing teeth will move and close the gap
  • In the case of anterior teeth – aesthetics will be affected 
  • Phonetics in the case of anteriors will be difficult, speech will be affected 
  • Chewing ability will be compromised, which will lead to nutritional deficiency 
  • There will be extra load on the other teeth due to the missing teeth which will cause erosion and attrition 
  • Bone loss will occur 
Supra eruption and Tipping of the teeth
Video showing what problems occur when no treatment is done
Video showing Bone loss
Aesthetic problem

What are the treatment options?

  • Removable
  • Fixed
  • Semi Fixed

Removable – Removable partial denture, Cast partial denture, Flexible partial denture 

These are prosthetics which can be removed by the patient when they require. 

Fixed – Implant, Fixed partial denture (Bridge) 

These prosthetics cannot be removed and are permanently fixed in your mouth. 

Semi Fixed – Partial Denture with precision attachment

These are prosthetics which are half fixed and half can be removed by the patient. 

Proper hygiene for all the prosthetics is necessary be it fixed or removable. The best solution is to replace the teeth as soon as its lost. You will prevent a lot of future problems and complications.

All the replacement prosthetics will be discussed in the upcoming blogs. 

If you are missing your teeth due to an injury or gum disease or decay, come visit us at Denticare Dental Clinic in Mogappair and get a consultation done. We do all types of dental replacements and the most suitable treatment will be suggested for you. The sooner you get seek your doctor for treatment the better the outcome will be. 

Keep Smiling & Stay Happy

Dr. Gnanaraj Jayabal
Dental & Implant Surgeon
Denticare Chennai

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