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Dental Crown is a cap like structure that sits on specially prepared tooth. Dental crowns can be made from various materials (metal , gold , ceramic or zirconia). Crowns are always made to mimic original size , shape and colour of the tooth.

Why do you need a crown?

  • Tooth affected extensively by tooth decay
  • Broken tooth due to accident
  • Cracked tooth due to excessive bite force
  • Root canal treated tooth
  • Heavily filled tooth
  • Shapeless tooth / Small tooth
  • Missing teeth
Crowns and Bridges

  • Tooth always tend to move if gap present , especially top teeth have the tendency to move down and front .
  • If you have a missing tooth ,and it hasn't been replaced, the gap can get partially closed which will affect the replacement at later stage.
  • Having many teeth missing affect your chewing ability , speech and digestion, leads to poor nutrition intake .
  • Having many teeth missing also causes remaining teeth to receive extra load, ultimately causes them to break or erode faster.
  • More importantly , it can affect your social life.

In the first visit , 1- 1.5mm of tooth structure will be reduced to make space for the crown /Bridge. After preparing the teeth , accurate measurement of gums and teeth are made. Then the colour of teeth recorded to match the rest of the teeth. The measurement and Colour information will be sent to the laboratory to finish making the crown/bridge. Labs generally take 3-4 days to make crown/ Bridges , and urgent orders can be delivered in a day as well.

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