Chapter 13 – Veneers

In the previous chapter we had seen about the causes for the gap in teeth. In the following posts, we’ll see different methods available to close the gap in the front teeth. One of them which we will see in this post is veneers. Veneers are not only useful for closing of the gap but also for other cosmetic concerns like discolored tooth.

What are veneers?

Veneers are tooth colored thin plate like structures that can be fixed on the tooth . Veneers usually cover the front surface of the teeth. They are done most commonly in upper and lower front teeth . Veneers are available in ceramic and zirconia material. There are two types of veneers – direct and indirect veneers.

What are direct veneers?

Direct veneers usually made using composite filling material. Direct veneers requires very minimal tooth preparation/grinding. During your visit, your tooth will be reduced slightly and then composite material layered to cover the front surface of the tooth. The composite material is shaped and polished to get the natural appearance.

Direct veneers are very economical and time efficient. This treatment can be done in a single day. In recent days, several new composite material available for better aesthetics outcome (E.g. E-max). On the other hand ,direct veneers after a few years needs polishing to maintain the natural appearance.

What are Indirect veneers?

Indirect veneers are custom made thin shells of ceramic material and they are far superior in terms of esthetics and durability. This type of veneer is lab made specifically for your teeth. Indirect veneers attached with the help of special glue material to your tooth. 

Steps involved

During your first visit , model of your teeth and photos will be taken to design your veneer. Shade selection will be done to match your smile . After all these pre work up, the doctor will reduce your tooth slightly and take digital scan to accommodate the new veneers. The lab will send your veneers or sometimes a trial will be done to ensure you are getting the best smile possible. When your veneers are ready, it will be fixed with special resin material. You can continue your daily life without any need for rest.

Intra oral teeth scan
Lab material & shade selection
Teeth selection and marking
Creating the veneer digitally
Veneer designed
Veneer ready for production

Indirect veneers are stain resistant, stronger and long lasting. Based on the material used for the creating your veneers, the price will differ. When compared with direct veneer, they are expensive and you will be required to make more than one visit to the clinic. 

For which teeth concerns can veneer treatment be done

Veneers can be used for 

  • Gap or spacing in the front teeth
  • Discoloured or Stained tooth
  • Chipped tooth 
  • Small or different shaped teeth
  • Smile correction 

Proper care and maintenance of the veneers is necessary, whether be it direct or indirect veneer. Should you require to know more about veneers , visit us at our Denticare Dental Clinic at Mogappair and do a smile consultation.

Keep Smiling & Stay Happy

Dr. Gnanaraj Jayabal
Dental & Implant Surgeon
Denticare Chennai

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