Tooth Pain- Chapter 1

People who have experienced acute tooth ache will agree , it can make your day terrible and fear of pain will be deeply embedded in your Brain. Moreover the nocturnal nature of the tooth ache will make it difficult to get access for emergency medical care . Let us see various reasons for tooth ache … Read more

Colour code on the tooth Pastes What it really means

Colour code on the tooth Pastes ! What it really means

Lot of people have been led to believe, the coloured squ-res printed on the tooth paste telling us the chemical composition of the tooth paste, Letʼs see what it really means. What is the claim ? We can identify the chemical composition by hidden colour codes in the tooth paste Green indicates completely natural Blue indicates … Read more



Tooth alignment treatment makes it more difficult for the patients to clean their teeth because it involves placement of brackets, wires, elastics and other aligning materials on the teeth surface. Poor oral hygiene increases the risk of cavity formation and gum diseases. Hence maintenance of good oral hygiene has added significance for braces wearers than … Read more