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Dental implants were invented , with a purpose to replace lost teeth. Well supported by over 40 years of clinical studies , Dental implants have become popular choice for missing tooth replacement . Modern dental implants has been in use since 1970 which was introduced into Dentistry by Swedish orthopaedic surgeon Dr per-ingvar Branemark. Since then implants are being used all over the world. In india, it is being used widely in the past 15-20 years. Dental Implants can be used replace total missing teeth and one or more missing teeth.

What Is Dental Implants?

Dental implant is, tooth root like structure that is bio compatible , made from medical grade titanium, similar to titanium used in joint replacements and other orthopaedic replacements . Dental implant comes in many sizes and shapes to meet the aesthetic and functional needs .

Dental Implants

How it is done?

As a first step towards implants , CBCT 3D scan( cone beam computed tomography ) will be taken and analysed . The entire treatment can be planned using the special software program . Then dental implant will be inserted in the pre determined position and allowed to integrate with bone ,which will take 2-3 months . After the waiting time artificial tooth crown can be fixed on top of the implant . At DENTICARE we do immediate loading , one stage healing and delayed healing method.

Sinus Lifting and Bone Grafting

Placing implant requires sufficient bone width and height to secure initial stability. After tooth loss ,air space (sinus) in the upper back tooth area tend to enlarge and bone height get shortened . Sinus lifting is the method to graft more bone in the affected area and facilitate the implant placement .Based on the severity of the bone loss, Sinus lifting can be done by direct or indirect method.

All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 is the implant placement concept developed by Nobel Biocare , a pioneer company in implant dentistry . All on 4 treatment aim to overcome the challenges of the implant placement and subsequent teeth replacement .

Benefits of All on 4 Method

  • Provisional teeth set will be given on the day of the surgery or with in 48hrs ( Teeth in a Day)
  • Bone grafting and prolonged healing period can be avoided
  • Relatively economical

Surgical Guide

Placing the implant in the pre determined location with right angle and , depth is the key to Success of implant treatment . Surgical guide is a rigid template that is precisely built for this purpose . We Use your 3D scan data and model of your teeth to design the Surgical Guide .

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