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Mis alignment of teeth can influence the way you smile in social settings and impact your confidence. Mis aligned teeth can get dental decay very easily due to inaccessibility for regular oral hygiene. Invisible braces is a popular choice for alignment correction now a days because they are invisible and very comfortable to wear.

What is invisible dental braces or Invisalign?

Traditionally for alignment dental specialist would stick small brackets on the teeth and attach different wires to it. The entire treatment duration could take anywhere between 10 months to 24 months . Unlike traditional braces invisible braces uses specially made trays to move the teeth to desired position .We call them Aligners. Invisalign is the name of the popular clear aligner brand.

Invisible braces cost in Chennai

Invisible braces cost is based on complexity of the alignment problem and duration of treatment . When the estimated treatment duration goes up cost of treatment goes up as well . Invisible braces cost in our clinic vary between 65,000- 1,50,000 indian rupees. The only exception for this price range is Invisalign brand.

Invisalign cost in Chennai

Invisalign is a premium clear aligner brand which pioneered this treatment approach and made popular around the world.Invisalign braces cost vary between countries . Invisalign braces cost in Chennai may range between 1,50,000 to 3,50,000. Our Invisalign dental braces cost is 10 % lower than others . We give free pre treatment assessment and 3d scanning

Why there is big cost variation ?

The total treatment cost from start to finish vary based on few factors

  • How many sets aligners required to get the desired results
  • Complexity of your Mis alignment ( for example cross bite , deep bite , reverse bite )
  • Aligner brand you choose
  • Treating doctors expertise in aligner treatments
  • New technologies like, 3D intra oral Optical scanners , 3D printers and Sophisticated treatment planning software used to make Aligners. These machines and licenses are quite expensive .

Top 5 advantages of Clear or Invisible braces

  • You can remove the Aligners whenever necessary ( for example just before a photo shoot or while eating )
  • People won’t notice that you are wearing braces
  • Relatively faster than traditional braces
  • You don’t need to see us every 4-6 weeks like in traditional braces , which means people live in overseas , can have you affordable invisible braces in Chennai
  • No restrictions on how you eat your food or what you eat ?

How do we make Aligners ?

Step 1 :

We will do a optical scan of your teeth and gums , take x rays and some profile photos . These data will be used for feasibility of your alignment treatment . Then we will share the Clear aligner cost , treatment duration and expected results.After your approval treatment plan will be shared with the production centre.

Step 2 :

To finalise the aligner series design lab may require some preparatory steps like, space creation or attachment placement. Another intra oral 3d scan will be taken and shared with lab.

Step 3 :

The next step would be 3D printing all the models and make aligners


How to use invisible Aligners ?

You will be given aligner sets as a whole package or batch by batch.Number aligner sets will vary depend on your complexity of the alignment problem

  • Every aligner set should be worn for 2 weeks
  • Must be worn at least 22 hours a day
  • Before eating you must remove but not necessary liquid foods

Does Aligner treatment suitable for all ?

Most of the mis alignment issue can be corrected by aligners. However there are some situations where invisible braces treatment is extremely challenging or not possible. Some of the examples listed below.

  • Alignment problems due to excess or deficient jaw bone
  • Kids who can not be compliant
  • Extreme cross bite


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