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When you choose a doctor or hospital for your health care needs first and foremost thing that you need to check is, their hygiene practices. Because the last thing you want from a hospital is getting infection from them. At denticare we put ourselves in your shoes and take extreme care to offer safe and healthy environment for your family.

What is sterilization?
Sterilization is the method to make the instruments/ equipments used in the treatments 100% pathogen free (disease causing micro organisms). In order to achieve that instruments are processed in ultrasonic bath , dried then packed in vacuum seal pouches. These pouches then kept in 121 degree Celsius with 15 psi pressure for 15-20 minutes in a steam -pressure device (Autoclave).

How we are different?
1. we believe that your safety is No 1 priority
2. We are equipped with all the necessary equipments to do proper sterilization
3. We have adapted highly successful and efficient ,infection control protocol from Australian Dental Association.
4. our staffs are well trained to follow the protocol and supervised by the senior doctor regularly.
5. Testing and calibration of the process performed regularly to verify the effectiveness.