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Orthodontics is the branch in dentistry that deals with Mis-alignment of teeth and jaws . Orthodontic correction of tooth can change, people's look positively and give boost to their self confidence. In the last 30-40 years it evolved so much and the recent advancements enabled orthodontic treatment is not only for kids and adolescents but older adults can get orthodontic correction too.

Why do people get Mis-alignment ?
1.Removing milk teeth before normal shedding
2.Severe cavity on milk teeth
3.Habit of thumb sucking , tongue thrusting
4.Birth abnormalities of teeth or jaws
5.Retarded jaw growth
6.Excessive jaw growth
All the above facts can cause teeth to align improperly, and resulting in negative facial appearances

How to identify orthodontic problems?

Inability or difficulty to cover all the teeth with lips.
Lower front teeth hitting the upper jaw gums inside.
Forwardly or backwardly placed front teeth.
Protruded or elongated facial appearance .
Gaps between upper and lower teeth even at closed position .
Chewing problems , jaw muscle ache, difficulty in brushing all the teeth .

Sequence of regular orthodontic treatment : 1. Initial consultation.
2. Study model analysis of your teeth.
3. Radiological (X-ray ) analysis of teeth and jaws.
4. placement of separators ,bracket and wires.
5. Change of wires and adjustment every 4 weeks .
6. Treatment can be completed within 9 months - 15 months .

Type of orthodontic correction methods
Regardless of the treatment method ,the outcome will be the same however the treatment duration and comfort level changes between different methods
SS bracket : Traditional method , stainless steel brackets used
Ceramic brackets : Tooth colored brackets ( Less noticeable )
Lingual braces : Brackets and wires placed inside of the mouth ( Not Noticeable)
Invisible braces : No Brackets , No wires just transparent thin sheets used (Suitability should be assessed before treatment )