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Halitosis/ Bad Breath solution

Social damage that bad breath causes is huge and under realized .Bad breath in the morning before brushing is normal for everyone. But Stinky smell throughout the day is a sign of bad breath problem. And many of the sufferer have no idea they are having this problem until someone say to them.

What causes bad breath ?

Bad breath is a multifactorial condition, which means it is not caused by one particular factor. For most of the people regular professional clean , filling of decayed tooth and other routine oral hygiene can give complete relief . But for some , relief is never easy , they suffer chronic bad breath problem.
If you are ..
Brushing twice a day
Flossing every day
Cleaning your tongue properly
Visiting dentist every 6 months for professional clean

Not a smoker or gave up smoking
Not a too much garlic or onion eating person
Not suffering from stomach ulcers , lung diseases or liver disease
And still getting smells like rotten egg, dead rat , cabbage petroleum mixer , and faeces then your mouth bacteria and acidic balance is not right. Anaerobic bacteria lives in your mouth releases volatile sulphur compounds which causes bad breath.

Why We are different in bad breath treatment?

our understanding about bad breath is quite deep.
We do extensive chemical study of your saliva when needed.
we analyze all contributing factors to draw a accurate diagnosis, which also means positive treatment results.
For treatment we use therapeutic products imported from Australia.
SO What Are you waiting for , Call us , Live confident!

What is the treatment available ?

Our treatment protocol is to eliminate common culprits first and Then focus on the less frequent factors,
Clinical analysis
Psychological evaluation
Saliva compound chemical study
Breath Test

Sleep Aponea /Snoring

Why people snore?
Obese People very likely to snore but snoring is not limited to overweight anyone can have this problem. Snoring only happens when you breath through the mouth instead of nose and people doing this unconsciously. While breathing through mouth , air travel between the soft palate and the tongue , when the space between these two become constricted soft palate will vibrate and will produce hrrrr...Zzzz sound.

What is sleep aponea?
Sleep aponea is a dangerous medical condition , which is often overlooked by health professionals and public. Breathing is involuntary, so even at sleep we continue to breath without any effort. For some snorers tongue can fall back and stop breathing for few minutes . Once the oxygen level in blood become low your brain will wake you up to regain breathing. Repeated low oxygen saturation at night and disturbed sleep pattern leads to lot of heath issues including cardio vascular problems. This condition known as sleep aponea. *Please note not all the snorers are sleep aponic.

Dental Stem Cell Banking

What are stem cells?
All the different cells in human body (like Muscles cells , liver cells , nerve cells , skin cells, heart cells and many other organ cells )are developed from a parent cell called stem cells. Stem cell have the potential to become any kind of cells. Medical applications of stem cells are immense and some available now and many more very likely to be available soon.

What is Dental stem cell banking?
After birth ,availability of the stem cell are very limited and they are difficult to locate; Umbilical cord can be a source of stem cell, but this is only available at the time of birth. Dental pulp from milk teeth and wisdom tooth have rich source of stem cells. The primary tooth/ Wisdom tooth are currently accepted for stem cell banking.

What do we do at Denticare?

What do we do at Denticare?
We are partnered with bio tech company and made stem cell banking possible for you. If you have any questions talk to us !