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DR Gnanaraj Jayabal
   Implant surgeon

DR Gnanaraj Jayabal is principal dentist at Denticare, and he designed and established this Dental center to deliver the best quality care . With 10 years experience in dentistry he is well capable handle all sort of dental issues with modern approach. He is graduated from prestigious Madras dental college in 2005.

After a year he moved to Melbourne, Australia for higher studies and work .in 2009 he has completed post graduate dental course in University of Melbourne, and he worked in Royal Melboune dental hospital for brief period of time.

In 2012 he has finished his fellowship at Australian society of implant dentistry , sydney and got accreditation to practice implant dentistry. Apart from this he has attended various clinical courses around Australia ( Perth, Adelaide ). He has also worked in public sector dental centers . With so much international experience on his back.

DR Gnanaraj Jayabal , have got his specialized implant training in Australia. He is Accredited by Australian Society of implant dentistry to practice Implant Dentistry. At Denticare we are well qualified and experienced in replacing tooth with Dental implants.

For many years there were only two options for replacing missing tooth (False teeth and fixed dental bridge),which get support from other teeth and this adversely affect them . Dental implants get support from bone, does not harm the other teeth. In addition implants give natural tooth like appearance, so you get the best esthetic value.

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