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Rootcanal Treatment

Tooth have three layers , outer one is ENAMEL,Second layer is called DENTIN , unlike the outer layer,Dentin has sensory channels . And the third layer is the core of the tooth which contains actual blood supply and nerves of the tooth.

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Gum Treatment

Naturally our gums are pink in colour and does not bleed on normal brushing. Teeth covered by thick layer of bacteria every few hours, which is called Dental Plaque. This bacterial layer should be removed everyday by brushing, failing to do so properly will lead to gum disease..

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Crown And Bridges

Crown is a cap like structure that sits on specially prepared tooth. Dental crowns can be made from various materials (metal , gold , ceramic or zirconia). Crowns always made like the the original size and shape of the tooth.

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At Denticare we follow highly successful pain free techniques for root canal treatments . The Equipments and instruments hat we use are on par with world standards and give you maximum possible comfort during treatment. Denticare

DR Gnanaraj Jayabal , have got his specialized implant training in Australia. He is Accredited by Australian Society of implant dentistry to practice Implant Dentistry. At Denticare we are well qualified and experienced in replacing tooth with Dental implants.

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